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At One World Rescue, we are committed to providing a secure, comfortable environment for patients in our care. We believe that when faced with an emergency, safety should never be a worry. That is why our team goes above and beyond to follow strict safety procedures and employ only the most skilled medical and air transport professionals.

The One World Rescue Advantage

One World Rescue is an affordable membership company that provides emergency medical transport to members who become hospitalized when traveling more than 150 miles from home. Long-distance medical repatriation can be expensive, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars! Insurance companies and traditional travel insurance providers often fight to prevent patients from getting transported, deny claims, or exclude conditions like COVID-19. Even more troubling is they can pick the hospital they feel is most suitable for you, rather than putting the decision in your hands.

With an One World Rescue membership, there is no nightmare insurance red tape, deductibles, claim denials or COVID-19 exclusions. Your affordable membership is all you pay for your medically needed transportation from anywhere in the world. Our members also have the freedom to choose where they feel they will get the best care. One call activates our team of travel and health care experts. Everyone working with singular determination to get our members, their family, or their employees home to the hospital where they are most comfortable. We allow our members to live limitless because we have them prepared for the unthinkable. The global road home to recovery and wellness is just a phone call away with an One World Rescue membership.

Aviation and Medical Experience

A great air ambulance experience goes beyond just technology. Our pilots and safety personnel are highly experienced leaders in their respective industries. All of our medical crews are carefully picked, highly trained, and fully accredited.

In addition to our own team, we require our global partners to go through a stringent screening and vetting process to ensure we can provide safe, consistent patient airlift transfers. When traveling abroad, One World Rescue may arrange emergency airlift insurance transportation through a variety of skilled providers. We carefully screen every transport company and provider with an in-depth vetting process before enlisting their services and only use accredited transportation companies.

Our strict regulations and accreditation requirements allow us to ensure the safety of every patient during their trip. At One World Rescue you can expect each of our providers to have:

  • Current FAA part 135 certificate with operation specifications allowing for patient transport
  • Specifically configured medical aircraft with FAA-approved stretcher
  • Safety record that does not have incidents, accidents, or violations
  • Active participation in the FAA Safety Management System
  • A variety of aviation and medical department accreditations
  • Continuous documented company-wide risk management assessments and training

Contact us today at 1-216-298-9160 to learn more about our membership benefits and emergency transport safety features. Our member coordinators are available day and night to answer questions and explain your benefits.

What Guidelines Does One World Rescue Follow?

Our members are like family. Your comfort and privacy are a top priority. To ensure your records are kept confidential, we follow all HIPPA compliant guidelines.

However, we are also required to follow FAA Part 135, which requires the disclosure of all persons on a flight to the aircraft operator. To comply with international travel and governmental regulations, we may also be required to provide member data such as name, date of birth, and passport information. This allows us to comply with international and national security requirements.

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