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At One World Rescue and Albany, your health and well-being is paramount.

To ensure Albany Members and Homeowners have access to first-class medical care outside of the Bahamas, we are offering three exclusive medical air transportation membership options in the event you are hospitalized during your time in the Bahamas.

Albany Bahamas to Florida Plan (Individual)

The Albany Bahamas to Florida individual membership program offers medical evacuation from the Bahamas to top-rated hospitals in the south Florida region without additional expense.

Members who frequently travel outside of The Bahamas can upgrade to a more comprehensive program that covers your family while traveling.

Albany Global Family Plan (Continental US / Bahamas residents)

The Albany Global Membership is available to Albany Owners and Members living in North America and the Bahamas. This upgraded service will protect you and your family (up to 2 adults and 3 children) whenever you are traveling more that 150 miles from home.

Members who live outside the Continental USA, Canada or The Bahamas can still upgrade to a more comprehensive program as well.

Albany Global Family Plan (International Residents)

The Albany International Membership is available to Owners and Members that live outside Continental USA, Canada or The Bahamas. Like the Global plan, this membership protects you and your family when you are more that 150 miles from home.

With either of these upgraded membership options, you and your family receive seamless medical transport from any hospital in the world to any accepting hospital of your choice with no additional expense.

We understand how stressful medical illness and hospitalization can be. With a One World Rescue membership, one call instantly activates a team of professionals whose entire focus is getting you to the best medical care in the world as quickly as possible.
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If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us:

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